Full of life, I dream of visiting every corner in the world and making a difference wherever I am. I believe that everyone can make an impact through their attitude towards life.

Lebanese and proud, I want to see Lebanon growing to be a country cured from the past wars.

I am a huge fan of tourism & travelling. Plus, I always encourage my surrounding to do tourism in their own country. I started this blog to keep trace of my experiences and be able to share them with dear people.

I am a contributor in Lebanon Traveler Magazine since 2018. I am proud to be part of this family and I feel hopeful when I see individuals & small businesses trying to make a difference in Lebanon despite all the circumstances.

I am a big fan of Theater. I watch a lot of plays especially local ones. Plus I go to many concerts. I always encourage attending the Lebanese local festivals. 

Everything in my life is kept in a photograph. You will always find me taking photos everywhere.

I am a volunteer at “Equipe missionaire de la Charite” since October 2018. At a stage in my life, I was feeling empty despite all the active life I have. I wanted to be part of  a community that is actually working on the ground. It was a beautiful step in my life to join this group. We are assigned to visit and help poor families that actually become our family. We go every Wednesday night in Beirut streets to check who is sleeping under the bridges. We get them food and try to know more about them to check possibilities of getting them a home. We also plan days in different Lebanese villages where we can help locals in their daily life. We also have a yearly mission outside Lebanon in order to be open to other cultures as well.

I am also a very passionate computer engineer. I believe that programming demands lots of patience and logic. No matter how many solutions we can apply, it is objective based on facts unlike the human relations.

I love Yoga and Pilates. I love dancing even if by only jumping but I am also a fan of Salsa, Tango & Waltz. In another life, I would have been a ballerina!

Normal is Boring! Enjoy curling with me my happy days!