10 lessons from my journey with Covid-19

When I first heard about Coronavirus in February 2020, I thought it was a silly thing that will disappear in a month or two. I thought that the number of cases were very little that the probability of getting it was really low.

Then the world stopped! I wasn’t spreading my thoughts around me but in reality, I wasn’t afraid. I respected the lockdown rules. I enjoyed every minute of the first lockdown. It was as if the universe responded to my prayers and slowed down everything.

But the situation changed starting November 2020. One of my colleagues at work lost his father. It was a shock. Another friend’s mom spent 2 months in the ICU and died at the beginning of 2021. Another friend’s mom was supposed to survive but died within few days. We were not even able to be at the funerals. It was heartbreaking. My Facebook feeds was transformed to daily news of dead people instead of bringing joy to everyone.

It wasn’t a matter of few cases anymore. It was becoming real. I tried to stop many gatherings but people were surprised by my reaction: don’t panic, this will decrease your immunity… We are all putting masks… No one has corona in the group, don’t overreact… You feel silly around them! If you have similar surrounding, please trust your gut. We are in a middle of pandemic. You have every right to take precautions.

Here are the 10 lessons I learned from my journey with Covid-19:

1- Always keep wearing your mask and clean your hands

Sometimes, we feel shy to stay wearing our mask. This is the main way to stay safe. If people laugh at you, they are not mature enough. Do it anyway! Plus clean your hands constantly and keep social distancing.

2- It is real, it can happen to anyone

I thought it will never happen to me. But it did! It can happen to you as well! Please take it seriously. I know many people who struggled and it was not nice to live it at all at home. Stay Safe!

3- PCR results can be false negative

At the beginning of the year 2021, I had to be in a small gathering that couldn’t be postponed. We decided in a very responsible way to do a PCR and to stay at home until the gathering for the sake of everyone. We were all tested negative.

The day after, one of the guests had some symptoms. I stayed home 6 days and then did a PCR. I was tested negative. I stayed alone till Day 9 with no symptoms. At Day 12, I had flu symptoms and I didn’t think it was corona.

4- Be kind to yourself, no amount of guilt will help

I got corona along with my mom and my brother. It wasn’t easy to live especially that my mom’s oxygen dropped and I was afraid that things get worse. We had to get an oxygen machine at home. When you are tested positive, you can’t change the situation. Feeling guilty won’t make things easier. Stay calm and focus with your doctor! It will be fine!

5- Consulting a doctor can make all the difference

When my mom had a 39.5 fever, I wanted to rely on a professional advice. I panicked at first because we don’t have any family doctor. Plus some friends know all the famous doctors who are very busy during these times. I was lucky enough that one of my close friends gave me the contact of a very good doctor. He helped us through WhatsApp. I couldn’t have done without him and I can’t thank him enough! He was calm and sharp and gave us the treatment in the right time. We did as well a scan and a blood test for my mom which helped confirming the treatment. (You can do the blood test at home if needed)

People will tell you I took this medicine, I tried this, etc… Please don’t take any medicine (especially antibiotics and cortisone) without a doctor advise.

Plus my pharmacist helped a lot! You can always call the Red Cross call center who are very nice and let you speak with a doctor if needed.

When using the oximeter, do not panic. The numbers can be unstable. Have warm hands before measuring because cold hands might impact the numbers. (I heard a doctor say it on TV) Plus it is better to measure several times when it is low to ensure that it is accurate. In our case, we notified the doctor when the level started dropping between 90 and 93. Plus the O2 level drops at night and when sleeping.

6- You need Empathy and Support

Having friends who just listen to you is much needed at this stage. Sometimes, I was just repeating the situation details to feel better and ensure I did not forget any step. I appreciate those friends who gave me their full support. (Joe, Dalia, Yara, Sabine and many others… You made life easier)

I appreciated the friends who were delivering stuffs at my door. (He knows himself) You are worth a million!

7- Having too many opinions can stress you

People will try to help and this is appreciated. But having too many opinions will make you lost. Coronavirus is not treated in the same way. Plus patients have different health status.

If you do not respond to all WhatsApp messages, it is OK! If you don’t feel like talking about it, it is OK too! Friends will understand.

8- Eat healthy

  • Drink Water & Fluids
  • Eat Fruits & Vegetables
  • Take your vitamins & medicines
  • A dear friend sent me this helpful PDF:

For example, I prepared three soups in the 14 days journey (one with tomatoes and meat, one with chicken, one with lentils). I prepared rice with yogurt, boiled some eggs and potatoes, some pasta. But we pre-ordered as well when we were really tired. It was essential for my mom to avoid salt. So we had to mention it ahead of time.

9- You are not fully immune even after you get it

If I got Coronavirus, it doesn’t mean I am fully immune. Some researches show that immunity can be between 3 and 6 months but nothing is guaranteed. The virus is mutating. So wearing a mask and keeping social distancing is a must in all cases.

10- Get Vaccinated

I understand your worries. But we have brilliant doctors checking these vaccines. Let’s trust them in this process. It is the only way out.

I am glad this nightmare is done. I hope we won’t live it again. Hope the vaccine will be the final solution before any big mutation. Please take it seriously. It can be very hard to live. Stay safe!

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