My top 9 drinks

At a certain age, it would be great if we can already know what we like in life. I know that each stage in life might introduce us to new choices and we might change our minds, But one of the things that I am trying to do in my 30s is to know more about myself (what I like and most importantly what I don’t like). So I thought about publishing this list as part of journaling…

Let me know what are your favorite drinks as well.

1- Margarita

It is my old time favorite! It is heavy with Tequila but I love its taste and definitely its effect on me. I know well my limit! I take it shaken and not frozen.

2- White/Rose wine

This is classic and always a good option even when adopting a healthy lifestyle. But it doesn’t mean you have to drink a bottle when going healthy! I always tend to fruity ones more than dry.

3- Prosecco

This is very refreshing! Reminds me of sunset and summer!

4- Mexican Beer

This is another classic. I always prefer it Mexican as I love lemon but I try ti remember that salt is not good.

5- Cosmopolitan

This reminds me of my younger version and my love for Sex and the City! It is a refreshing choice!

6- Daiquiri

I usually have it with Passion Fruit. It is a refreshing choice as well.

7- Jack Daniels Honey

Ok so I am not into Whisky a lot but I drink it. I definitely drink the single malt but not the smoky one. This version with Honey shows a lot of my personality!

8- Doodoo shot

When I think of it, I haven’t tried a lot of shots in my life. That’s a bit weird because I am a person who loves to try everything. But you know in parties, you need a good shot and Doodoo is definitely my favorite.

I tried liquid cocaine, Jaqer, Tequila, Mastika and some fruity non sense ones…

9- Sahlab shot

This is a Lebanese twisted one and I love it! We can’t find it in all pubs.

I reached a stage where I know that Gin is a bit sour for me, Vodka is not always a favorite choice unless with fruits or caramel, Tequila is strong but I like it in Margarita, Rum is not bad but I rarely order it. I am not an expert but at least I have top choices.

I would like later to take some wine & whisky tasting lessons and choose my favorite ones.

Cheers to knowing more about myself!

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