How to spend 10 days in Lebanon?

 It is been a while that I wasn’t around. Life changed a lot since the last article I published… There was a big explosion in Beirut on August 4th 2020 that turned our lives upside down. It wasn’t easy to recover. I will share more about it when I am ready.

Meanwhile, I missed writing here. I had several drafts not published yet. This was pending since a year and I always wanted to have my own list of the main regions to visit in Lebanon.

Currently, the situation is not ideal in Lebanon. But with the devaluation of the currency, it can be very interesting for foreigners. We have several beautiful regions, we have amazing food, we have very welcoming people… We have lots of problems too… 🙂 But we are not going to give up on our country! We will hopefully give up on corruption instead.

Beirut is sad today but I hope that it will rise again. I dedicate this article to the honest Lebanese people who deserve a better life! 

P.S.: I am sick of mentioning Covid-19…

Day 1: Harissa, Jeita, Faraya

  • Harissa
  • Jeita
  • Faraya

Day 2: Byblos, Batroun

  • Byblos
  • Batroun

Day 3: Beach

You can choose one of the below options:

  • Edde Sands
  • White Beach
  • Kfaraabida

Day 4: Anfeh

  • Anfeh

Day 5: Tripoli

  • Tripoli

Day 6: Cedars

  • Cedars

Day 7: Baalbek

  • Baalbek

Day 8: Tour in Bekaa

Zahleh, Wine Tour, Anjar, West Bekaa

Day 9: Tour in Chouf

Beitelddine, Der el kamar, Arz el Barouk

Day 10: Saida & Sour

  • Saida & Sour

This is too dense! In each region, there can be lot of things to do. In other regions, it is more light. I will write some guides per region to detail what can be done. There are still few regions that I did not mention like Akoura, Batroun Villages, etc… I will mention them in other articles.

I always wanted to do a full tour in Lebanon while reserving guesthouses in the different regions. I would reserve one in Byblos or Batroun, one in Tripoli, one in Cedars, one in Baalbek, one in Bekaa, one in Chouf & one in Tyre.

I know that this is a traditional list. But I am very happy that I have finally published my own list.

Cheers to Happy & Healthy days!

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