9 things to make your visit to Paris memorable

I have visited Paris around 15 times! I am in love with this city! Apart from the traditional list that I already wrote about, I was able to live Paris as a local because my brother used to live there and I got to try some activities that can make your trip memorable.

Here are my favorite things to do:

1- Take a Cooking Class

  • I always wanted to learn how to bake a baguette but I never did it. But in November 2019, I decided to search in Airbnb Experiences and was excited to learn how to do Croissants. There was many other courses that are on my list like Macarons, Eclairs, French Baguette & Pastry.

2- Take a small boat in the lake

I tried it in both bois de vincennes & bois de boulogne. This is fun is sunny days!

3- Watch a Theater Play

I love theater and if you love it too, it is a must to watch Theater there!

I already went to Theatre de la renaissance and the play I watched (Crapauds Fous) was amazing.

4- Raclette & Fondue with some wine

5- Culture and History Walk or Bike

I just like to wander in Paris. You can check some Airbnb experiences for some guided tours.

6- Photoshoot

You can either do it yourself or check some packages on Airbnb.

7- Crepe

There are many. My favorite is Au p’tit Grec at Mouffetard Street.

8- Steak

I always love to go to the original L’Entrecote de Paris – Relais de Venise at Porte Maillot.

9- Brunch

Since I am Brunch person, I would always try to include a brunch in my trip.

Hope you will enjoy your trip to Paris! Everything will be back on track soon. Cheers!


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