My 11 favorite Lebanese restaurants

I was planning to write these lists since 2018. I was busy and I hate that they stayed in my draft posts and now it might not be the right moment to list them.

I am a perfectionist and I was part of a foodie group and I always thought that I should try every single restaurant before having this list. But waiting forever won’t help! Happy moments won’t last! Plus, It doesn’t have to be one list!

Today, these restaurants are at risk due to Covid-19 & Lebanese crisis. I hope they will stay strong to survive this! It is very sad to think that I never wrote this list before and they might close!

This is a tribute to these amazing restaurants! Cheers to all the happy moments and tasty food! Hope we will meet soon! Stay strong!

1- El Denye Hek

2- Leila Min Lebnen

3- Sultan Ibrahim

4- Babel

5- Enab

6- Em Sherif

7- Kababji

8- Cafe Em Nazih

9- Dar Gemmayzeh

10- Loris

11- Nasma

Stay Strong! See you soon!