11 things I am doing to survive Corona virus lock down

Corona virus started appearing In Lebanon on February 21st 2020. At the beginning, I didn’t take it at all seriously. I usually don’t like to be an OCD. We need to be clean but no need to obsess about it.

Unfortunately, the virus was tricky enough to spread all over the world. I still can’t believe it. I still have doubts about all what is happening.

I hope that we will understand it one day and it will be for the good of human beings.

Despite the shock and the sad part of the story, I can’t deny that the lock down was needed for me.

I live a busy life with lots of activities. I work from 9:30 am to 7:30 or 8 pm and my work is full of projects and deadlines and is not considered as routine. I go to the gym, I volunteer, I used to go to dancing, I go to Theater, I am well surrounded by lots of friends, I write on my blog, I was active on Instagram and Facebook, I used to go out with a boyfriend, I have to check on my family. I travel several times a year, I go on road trips, I want to try as many restaurants as possible. I want to be brilliant. I want everything in life! I am grateful. I am blessed but I am tired!

When I discuss it with one of my close friends, we call it “Rich People Problems”. πŸ™‚ Don’t think that I have millions. Ok I won’t insist! You won’t believe me! πŸ™‚

Thank God we are all healthy. I do relate to the real tragedies of life. Sometimes, I sustain myself from nagging or expressing it (although I can’t keep anything to myself lol). I do that because I know that I am blessed and comparing to other people who are in need, I might need to take it easy.

I lost my father when I was 22. He was sick since I was 14. I lost my uncle and aunt after few years and I was really involved with all the process of sickness and death. It was hard. I know how Life can go!

But I realized that it is OK to express emotions, to acknowledge what I am going through and benefit from lock down to slow down the rhythm, rest and have clear thoughts.

So let me share with you what I was doing so far since 4 weeks of lock down. It might sound a traditional list. But writing it with my personal touch makes me feel great!

Let’s do it…

1- Clean & De-clutter

I told you that I want everything in life! So can you imagine the amount of stuffs I collected through out the years? I don’t know if you relate to this.

I collected CDs, DVDs, books, maps and guides for the countries I visited, magnets, shots, magic balls, magazines, courses, etc…

I have lots of make up, clothes, shoes, bags, etc…

I looked at them and checked if they still mean anything to me. I realized that many of them were not even touched for years.

So I started to classify in 3 categories:

  • To Keep
  • To Donate (many people would love to have them in such circumtances)
  • To Throw away

After 4 weeks, I got rid of lots of stuffs. It feels sooo good and sooo light! I still have many stuffs but for sure, I am aware that I want to go in the direction of being more minimalist. It is not easy but it will come some day.

2- Watch Inspiring Series, Movies & Documentaries

I had a long list of movies and series that I wanted to watch a long time ago. But having a busy life didn’t really help. So with the help of my best friend who is a movie freak, I listed the top movies not to miss in a lifetime and started watching them like Shawshank Redemption, GodFather, Shindler’s List, etc… I can share this in another post.

For series, I am picky. I am not watching everything. But I picked few like La Casa De Papel (For Adrenaline), Narcos, The Crown (History), Explained (DocuSeries).

3- Meditate

I always admired calm and intelligent people that can control themselves in any situation. I love the idea to be able not to be moved by any situation and be able to accept emotions while staying calm.

I already have done the Inner Engineering last year with ISHA by Sadguru. It is a complete lifestyle. I won’t deny that I wasn’t consistent but I think definitely it can be life-changing but everyone has his or her timing.

What I recommend as well the applications Le Petit Bambou & Let’s meditate. Pure meditations would recommend to stay silent and focus on your breath and let thoughts pass if any and then focus again. These applications have music & background talks. I think it can be a good start.

4- Workout

I am not working out every day. I am trying to move twice per week for 20-30 min. is it enough? no. But I am not forcing myself since I was busy cleaning. But sport is helping my back pain since I am working at home for long hours. Check out my playlist here.

5- Read

I am not always reading full books yet. I started reading Man Search For Meaning which is ideal for this situation. But sometimes, I read summaries through the ABS mobile application which is very practical.

6- Listen to Podcasts

This is my new favorite thing. I installed an app for posdcasts (There are several ones for Android and Apple). I am listening lately to the following:

  • Unlocking us by Brene Brown
  • B for Better Health by Baraa El Sabbagh
  • Sadhguru
  • 7 Good minutes – Daily Self-Improvement

7- Cook

I love cooking and I feel very distracted and relaxed when doing it. I am cooking from time to time some lasagna, man’ouches, I am doing some salads. Plus I am preparing some easy banana cake and jello and custard.

8- Write

I started writing again on this blog. I wasn’t able to express myself before. But once I started, i felt much better lighter. You don’t have to write on a public blog.

9- Spend Quality time with my loved ones

Although I am very close to my family, I was away sometimes. I was happy to spend more time with my mom and my brother and share meals with them!

10- Connect with loved ones

During this confinement, I missed my close friends. Connecting through Whatsapp is good but not enough, that’s why we are planning video calls. We tried the mobile application House Party to play some games while having a drink.

Plus one of my dearest friends created a group on Whatsapp called “My circle”. We agreed to only share positive thoughts and deep posts worth sharing since jokes we are getting them on different groups.

11- Less Social Media

I started this few months before Corona. I felt that I am spending lots of time on social media and I am not focusing on what I really like to do. Plus I felt negative vibes through some comments and posts shared on the news feeds. I started getting away a bit. Then at the end of February, I uninstalled Instagram & Facebook. The first days were difficult. I was looking at my phone for no reason. I was a robot. Now it is much better. I was thinking if I can go back moderately. But not sure if I want to go back to this. I feel free now!

That’s it for me! Hope this period won’t last long and the world will become a better place for everyone! Stay Home! Stay Safe! This shall pass too! Keep curling!


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