10 things to do in Dublin

2020 had a tough start. COVID-19 was a total surprise for the whole world.

By the end of 2019, I was very tired and I was reconsidering all my life choices and this pandemic made me stop and rethink all my current thoughts.

Since it was out of my control, I decided to benefit from this confinement and focus on myself and relax so I can think clearer.

One of the things that I enjoyed doing is to look into some photos of my previous trips that I never had the chance to write about!

I love travelling! Let me tell you about one of my beautiful short trips to Dublin. I spent there 4 days and it is definitely one of the trips that I will never forget.

Here are 10 things to do in Dublin:

1- DoDublin/Hop On Hop Off

You will think that this is too cliche! But trust me they have the funniest guides ever! We took the DoDublin green buses. Usually, these kinds of buses are practical to reach the main touristic places and you get to hear the history of the city. Irish people are the most funny people! You will hear the story while laughing most of the time.

You can stop by the following:

  • Dublin Castle
    • Center for the military and political power in Ireland
    • Hosts the important State events like the inauguration of the Irish president for every mandate
  • Saint’s Patrick Cathedral
    • One of the most famous saints
    • Largest and tallest church in Ireland
  • Christchurch Cathedral
    • Founded by the Vikings

2- Irish Whisky Museum

I thought that Scottish Whisky came first, but as per our guided tour, it seems that the Irish actually brought the art of distilling to Scotland, where the locals ran with it. So there is still this kind of mystery to know who really invented the whisky.

Scottish whisky has a stronger aroma and taste, due to the peat smoked barley. Irish whisky is smooth, neutral, easier to use as a mixer in many drinks.

For me, I don’t think if this information will ever change my life but for sure a glass of whisky will and I loved the Irish one.

You can also visit the famous Old Jameson Distillery. You can reach it easily through the DoDublin bus.

3- Temple Bar

This is a very touristic street with all traditional Irish bars. I love their design and all people are happy and drunk. The music is really good as well. The drinks are relatively expensive there.

But personally, I don’t like crowded bars. There was no place to stand or breathe.

4- Trinity College Dublin

Trinity is very famous for arts study but lots of courses are offered there. Its Library is the largest research library in Ireland and worth a visit. It hosts the Books of Kells, which is an illuminated manuscript Gospel book in Latin, containing the four Gospels of the New Testament.

One of the most impressive places to visit inside is the Long Room of the old library. It contains around 200,000 books and the oldest example of Ireland’s national symbol, the Harp.

Although it looks like a place in Hogwarts, it wasn’t used during the filming of the Harry Potter series.

5- Guinness Storehouse

This is one of the famous beers in the world. The tour includes the story of the brewery designed in a fun way over 7 floors and definitely some tasting. We enjoyed it a lot!

6- Stephen’s green park

This is a city center public park in Dublin. I always like to get some ice cream (Amorino if possible) and dedicate an hour or two to enjoy the nature and slow the rhythm of my trip.

7- Powerscourt

This is heaven! You won’t appreciate Ireland’s nature unless you visit its countryside. It is located in Enniskerry, County Wicklow almost an hour far from Dublin. I enjoyed a lot touring in its gardens, hiking and taking beautiful photos of the beautiful fountains.

8- Howth

Howth is an Irish village known for its harbor and fishing. I would definitely recommend to go there and spend part of the day, enjoy the sea and definitely eat the best sea food!

9- Enjoy the food & coffee

I wouldn’t say that I am an expert in the Irish food. There are many dishes with sea food and fried platters. You should check your preferences. But I would definitely recommend the basics like fish and ships!

Plus I would advise to try the Irish coffee that is a mix of coffee and whisky! No wonder they are the funniest people.

10- Watch a concert

Whenever I decide to travel, I regularly check if I can attend a concert or theater or special event. I was very lucky to be able to watch Bon Jovi. It was a childhood dream and I will never forget it!

It’s my life! It’s Now or Never!

I definitely enjoyed my trip to Dublin! I had no expectations before visiting and the trip turned out to be a memory that I will never forget. Thanks to my best friend Lina that insisted on me to go there!

My friend and colleague Rima goes a lot to Dublin for work and I owe her in the tips that made my trip really unforgettable. You can visit her blog for more information about food, and day trips from Dublin.

Hope to see you another time Ireland!
I forgot to mention how much I loved the doors there!