Top 10 Souks in Lebanon

Another collaboration with Lebanon Traveler that I am proud of… This time, I am writing about the old souks of Lebanon.

This article was finalized at the beginning of the thawra where we were all still trying to understand the situation. The magazine was supposed to be out by then. I am glad it is out now. This magazine always gave me hope in this country. It reminded me of how many beautiful places we have and why we have to fight to keep them.

In the Middle East, any market is called a souk. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be as modern as a mall. If you want to learn about the local culture of a region, then you have to go shopping in its old souks.

To check the article, go to Download the magazine. It is not only about reading my article but checking the amazing mini guides and other interesting information.

The cover was shot by the talented Rawad Mansour (Plus961). I definitely recommend that you follow him on instagram.

My article is at page 80.

You can always check its online version which is more clear:

Again , Thank you Lebanon Traveler for what you are doing to this country! Thank you Lisa for your amazing support! Thank you Joe for the support and the amazing photos that you provide. Cheers to a better Lebanon.

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