6 things to do in Luxembourg in one day

Luxembourg was not a country that I have listed on top of my list to visit. I always thought that it was more oriented to Business and I had no idea how beautiful it can be. Thanks to two dear friends, I decided to visit it with no expectation. I went there last November 2019 in the middle of the Fall, my favorite season! And guess what… I will never forget the amazing nature there.

I was coming with a friend from Paris. It was fast and very smooth since the train duration is only 2 hours and a half. We arrived at 10:30 am and left at 5:30 pm. It was quick but definitely a day to remember.

We walked all day! We got lucky with the weather definitely. Let me list for you the 6 things we did during this day:

1- Pont Adolphe

We started walking in Parc de la Petrusse named after the Petrusse river that flows through Luxembourg, joining the Alzette at Luxembourg City. 

It was in November and everything was green and yellow. It was magical!

We took amazing photos then we saw the Adolphe bridge from far away.

It is a double-decked arch bridge and it is one of its touristic icons.  It was named after Grand Duke Adolphe, who reigned Luxembourg from 1890 until 1905.

2- Mudam – Museum of Modern Art

I am not usually a big fan of museums but I sincerely loved this one because I love Modern Art. We got to see really special pieces of Art.

The museum’s building is designed by Sino-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei to represent the dialogue between Luxembourg’s natural and historical identity.

We enjoyed at the end lunch at Mudam Cafe. We made sure to get a brunch that includes the pâté de Riesling and a very good aperitif from Luxembourg.

3- Pfaffenthal Lift

The Pfaffenthal Panoramic Elevator is a public elevator which connects the city quarters of Ville Haute, the historical city centre, with Pfaffenthal, in the Alzette River valley below. It offers its passengers panoramic views of the Alzette river valley. The access is for free.

4- Le Chemin de la Corniche

It is called one of the beautiful balcony in Europe.

5- Casemates du Bock

Offering a natural fortification, its rocky cliffs tower above the River Alzette which surrounds it on three sides.

6- Old Town

It is always beautiful to walk in the old town and wander through the shops. You can visit Notre Dame Cathedral which is an icon for Luxembourg. You can also consider the Palais Grand Ducal which is the official residence of the duke of Luxembourg.

That’s it folks! Hope you will enjoy your journey in Luxembourg as much as I did.


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