14 things not to miss while in Moscow

One of the memorable trips I got to do in 2018…

Our colleague used to work in Russia and he encouraged us to plan all together a trip to remember. It is not easy to visit Russia when you don’t know the language, but having our colleague as a guide helped a lot. Plus Google translator and using signs can help too. 🙂

Let’s discover together the impressive Moscow, the capital of Mother Russia:

1- Red Square 

It is one of my favorite places in Moscow. It is the center of the city connecting to the major highways where military parades take place. It is surrounded by the Kremlin & GUM department store where you can do some shopping.

I didn’t post my photo as there was an exhibition during my visit and it was a bit crowded.

2- Saint Basil Cathedral 

You won’t miss Basil’s Cathedral in the middle of Red Square. This is the iconic monument of Moscow! Plus you can visit too the State Historical Museum just in front.

3- Alexander Gardens

They are situated next to the Kremlin & Red Square. There used to be a river there and then after Napoleon’s invasion in 1812, the park was settled. Do not miss the fountains.

4- Kremlin

An impressive fortress inside the city overlooking the Moskva River… I recommend that you book a walking tour to understand and appreciate the history inside. You can check the Airbnb experiences, Trip advisor, Viator and many other sites.

It is the official residence of the president of the Russian Federation.  It had previously been used to refer to the government of the Soviet Union (1922–1991) and its highest members.  Inside the Kremlin, you will be able to visit several historical stops:

  • Lenin’s Mausoleum
  • Tsar Bell & Cannon
  • Cathedral Square where you can visit several Russian cathedrals built since the 15th century.

5- Metros

In other countries, it can be the most boring stop. But in Russia, the metros are unique! They are much more beautiful than any museum! I recommend strongly that you visit them although you will have bad time finding help in English!

Some guides offer some interesting historical tours about Russian metros.

6- Ostankino Tower

This is the highest point in Moscow. (540 meters) It is currently the tallest free-standing structure in Europe and 11th tallest in the world. It has a beautiful view on the city. It has a transparent floor at 337 meters where you can take beautiful photos.

I recommend that you reserve ahead oh time and enjoy a dinner over sunset where you will live a beautiful experience where the restaurant will be moving very slowly to watch all the city while dining.

This place is full of security. Make sure to have your passport with you… I was very upset to go back to get my passport else I would have missed the dinner with my friends…

7- Peter the Great Statue

The Peter the Great Statue is a 98-metre-high monument to Peter the Great, located at the western confluence of the Moskva River. You can spot the Cathedral of Christ the Savior that we didn’t have time to visit.

8- Poklonnaya Hill

It is one of the highest spots in Moscow (171.2 m). Its two summits used to be separated by the Setun River, until one of the summits was razed in 1987. Since 1936, it contains many tanks and other vehicles used in the Second World War.

9- Gorky Park

It is a central park in Moscow, named after Maxim Gorky. Enjoy the walk or rent  bicycle. You will see lots of adorable squirrels. There are some food stops where you can grab something and enjoy the walk. 

10- Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

This is an impressive museum that can tell you everything about how Russians contributed to the discovery of Space and know more about the trips to the moon.

11- Old Arbat Street 

One of the beautiful, touristic and oldest streets in Moscow, you can find shops, souvenirs (Russian dolls and Faberge) and restaurants. We had one of the most yummy burgers at Mosburg which apparently permanently closed a while after our trip!

12- New Arbat

It is a famous modern avenue with elegant shops and restaurants parallel to the Old Arbat street. 

13- Bolshoi Theatre

I didn’t visit it since I was going to Saint Petersburg after. But I would definitely recommend to watch Opera or Ballet in Russia. I was able to watch Swan Lake there and it was really nice.

14- Enjoy the Russian Cuisine

Russian food is very tasty. I would recommend the Borscht soup, the Pelmeni (a bit like ravioli with no offense :)), the Chicken Kiev, the Beef Strogonof, Caviar, Samovar and many others. Don’t forget to have some vodka along with the meal. One of the restaurants that I would never forget in Moscow is Varvara Cafe that sells the best almond cake ever along with traditional Russian food.

That’s it folks! At the end, cheers to Friends who make trips memorable!

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