My 5 favorite Burgers to try in Beirut

I was postponing this article pretending that I was going to try all the burgers in Lebanon. Then I was trying more and more places and still they didn’t compete with my list below. Plus other new places were opening. So I decided to be less perfectionist and start with a first list and build another one whenever I am more convinced.

Here are my first favorite 5 burgers to try in Beirut:

1- The Bros

  • Location: Mar Mikhael & recently in Rayfoun
  • Favorites: Cheese Burger, Swiss Mushroom, Cran Brie for Brie lovers, the Grilled one, Truff Off

2- Ferdinand

  • Location: Hamra
  • Favorites: Ferdinand, Smoking Gun, Flip n dip

3- Divvy

  • Locations: Mar Mikhael, ABC Achrafieh, Backyard Hazmieh, The Village Dbayyeh, ABC Verdun, Broumana
  • Favorites: Divvy burgers (3 mini burgers), Wagyu Burger

4- Meats & Bread

  • Location: Gemmayzeh
  • Favorites: WTF Burger, Double double

5- East Village

  • Locations: Badaro, Achrafieh
  • Favorites: US Angus Burger, The king of burgers

What about you? What is your favorite burger place in Beirut?

P.S.: Cover Photo by ebites_lb. Follow her account for an amazing experience with Food!

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