6 places to eat salads in Beirut

Lately, many people around me are nagging about gaining weight because they are dining out a lot. Everyone is searching for good places where the food is delicious and healthy. That’s why I thought of listing places where you can enjoy good salads! I am not saying that eating salads will make you lose weight but eating mindfully and choosing well the ingredients will make you feel better and let you enjoy your outing!

1- Salata Eatery

It is located in Downtown. My favorite items are Urban, Wolverine without bacon, Spring & October.

2- Green Junkie

It is located in Mar Mikhael. My favorite items are Kale Quinoa, Goatilicious & California Style Cob.

3- Cantina Sociale

It is located in Achrafieh. It has a very delicious custom salad where you choose your own ingredients.

4- Bar Tartine

It has several locations which is convenient to everyone. My favorite salads are the Kale & Quinoa Celebration, Smoked Salmon Edamame, Freekeh Lentil Edamame, Chicken Quinoa & Salmon Sashimi Quinoa.

5- L’Avo

It is located in Achrafieh. My favorite items are Avo Quinoa & Avo Kale.

6- Mini Guette

It has several locations as well. My favorite items are Mango Quinoa Salad , Salmon Salad, Pomegranate & Rocca.


Hope you will like these places. Let me know what are your favorite places for good salads! Keep curling!

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