20 ideas for an ultimate summer in Lebanon

Few years back, I got introduced to the Lebanon Traveler Magazine by a dear friend. I used to buy the issues and enjoy reading about beautiful places and ideas in my beloved country!

Few months back, the social media pages of Lebanon Traveler were throwing a giveaway of souvenirs from Batnenjeneh. The condition to win was to answer what do I love most about Lebanon. I answered from the bottom of the heart and did not expect to win. I never believed in giveaways!

Here’s how I got in touch with Lisa from Lebanon Traveler and I got the opportunity to write the hot topic of the summer issue of one of my favorite magazines!

I will share below the images of the article. You can download all the magazine from Lebanon Traveler Website. You will be amazed by the different inspiring articles.







It was really fun to work on this article.

Special Thanks to Lisa from Lebanon Traveler for this beautiful opportunity. Cheers to Joe Sokhn, Nidal Majdalani, Krystel Riachi & Peter Ghanime for the amazing photos!

You can visit Garden Show & Travel Lebanon in Beirut Hippodrome to know more about Lebanon Traveler activities!

Keep curling and don’t forget to be a tourist in your own country! 😉


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