My journey with my eyeglasses

New Year… New Me! #haha #ofcourseNOT

When I was 16 years old, I started noticing that I am not seeing well the school board and I was sitting in the back of the class because I was relatively tall. I was a good student at school so I used to copy part of the notes from my friend Rytta in the last 2 years and the teachers were not even bothered since I always had very good grades and I behaved well.

I got to the Faculty of Engineering at 18 and here was the catastrophe with the first Physics course where the formulas were very complex and long and the class was very serious. My colleague Shady who actually became my class neighbor for 2 years was nice to let me copy the formulas. But I knew that I can definitely fail my first year in Engineering without glasses.

I was not happy that I was going to wear glasses. My perfectionist side couldn’t accept it! 🙂 So I went to “Optique et Vision” and got the most neutral eye glasses without any frame. I used them only to check the board in class and if I am curious to see some faces at university during breaks.

I used these glasses for 6 years and I looked just like this:

Koln – Germany – 2007

At the beginning of 2009, I went with my aunt to Best Look in Jeita to change her eye glasses. Once she finished, Bassam the owner who is a dear friend now, told me that during this period, there was an offer of “buy one and get one free” and he thinks that he has some frames that suit me a lot and this is when my fashion journey with my eye glasses started:

3erzel – Faraya – 2009 Photo Credits: Wissam Yacoub

A year later, I passed to Best Look again to say Hi to Bassam and tell him that I am ready for new eye glasses and here I started to become more funky and tried a full red frame. I am not sure if it was a Yuri Mrakadi Style inspiration.

Mont Saint Michel – 2011

In 2013, I was bored again and I changed my glasses to something similar with a two color twist.

Strasbourg – December 2013

Then in 2014, the Ray Ban style invaded the market and I went back to visit Bassam and got some really cute eye glasses with a different style and those cuties were a definite success.

Zeytouna Bay – 2014 Photo Credits: Dimitri Kuris

I was attached to those eye glasses a lot that I didn’t want to change them. I switched to a new style in 2015 but I was wearing them again from time to time.

Zouk – 2015 Photo Credits: Manuela & Charbel Eid

But when I visited Bassam by end of 2015, he started to see a real star in me and encouraged me to go more funky in frames and here I got another heart breaker frames that got me lots, really lots of compliments.

Roadster – Beirut City Center – December 2015 Photo Credits: Eddy Farhat

I was attached to these eye glasses a lot but I am the kind of person who gets bored easily and big eye glasses were starting to be trendy especially with Make Up! So I got for the first time eye glasses again from Best Look and wore them in parties with Make Up! 🙂

Antika Bar – 2016

Those cuties were broken because I slept on them… and I visited Bassam to fix them and apparently I did not reach my edge yet. So Bassam from Best Look suggested the most crazy look that made people be shocked (positively in general) when looking at me.


When I am at the cafeteria, I saw the reaction of the people that don’t really know me and I was sure that I was always noticed especially with the green glasses which are much more beautiful live than in pictures!

The most funny part is that when I was attending a wedding in Vietnam, I met a guy called Marcus from Hong Kong wearing the same black glasses!

Vietnam – 2017 Photo Credits: Dalia Matar

In November 2016, I had an incident that made me decide that I should get rid of my eye glasses. I was very confused about the decision. I went to the doctor and I had the two options to do Laser and Lasik Operations but the preferred one was the Trans PRK Laser one which is supposed to be painful. So I got scared and I postponed it.

In October 2017, I had another incident and this time, the decision was much more assertive. I went to another doctor who replied to all my questions and I felt at ease to face the pain of Trans PRK Laser.

So my operation was scheduled on December 8th 2017 in the Ophthalmic Consultants of Beirut. I was expecting lots of pain but everything went much smoother than expected. After 36 hours, the pain was gone and in 4 days I was functional. 🙂 Every person lives it differently depending on their eyes.

6 things that I will be grateful to enjoy without my eye glasses:

  1. Rainy Days
  2. Summer Days while getting out from a room having cold Air Conditioning
  3. While I am heating my lunch in the cafeteria and I forget to keep my head far from the hot plate coming out from the microwave.
  4. Fitness classes
  5. Swimming
  6.  Make Up without lenses

2 things I will miss in my new life without my eye glasses:

  1. The style that I created for myself. It was kind of a signature. I guess I will continue to wear glasses just for fun! I already spotted some new frames at Best Look!
  2. My Bitmoji that looks much more cute with eye glasses

In conclusion:

  • To all those who wear glasses, enjoy them and try to create a style for you! Lenses can be very bad for your eyes!
  • Normal is boring even while wearing sunglasses:

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • To all those who can’t find beautiful frames, visit Best Look in Jeita! Beautiful frames with affordable prices and amazing quality!
  • To all those who are afraid to do the operation, I postponed it for years and it wasn’t scary as I thought.

Cheers to new beginnings! Cheers to Happy & Healthy days! Happy Curling!


  1. Haha
    What a journey! I didnt expect that I remembered all your previous eyes glasses. I still remember the ESIB one and it surprised me that it was your first. Get a frame and hang all of them in it 🙂
    Ill miss the nerdy look though 😜

    Liked by 1 person

    • hahaha I was not sure if I will remember them all! 🙂 The Physics class I was talking about is Abdel Ahad Class. lol I should see what to do with all these glasses. I might convert some of them to be able to reuse them. 🙂 Thanks for the comment! Much Appreciated! :*


  2. Nice Nadz!

    I had the same questioning 2 years ago and at the end of this year and visited David Fahed from Ophthalmic Consultants of Beirut who is a very good friend of mine. (By the way all Drs there are really very good, be it Dr Fahed or Dr Dunia).

    Reading this encouraged me more help take this leap of faith 😀.
    I am just worried about eyes dryness and the risk involved…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Jad for your comment! 🙂 Indeed the doctors at Ophtalmic Consultants of Beirut are really good! My doctor was Riad Bejjani and he is simply amazing!

      Regarding dryness, I had the option of doing lasic bas laser was a better option for this and it is been a month that i did the operation and im feeling very good! But after all it, it can differ from a person to another! The doctor will give you all the details!


      Liked by 1 person

    • Malak! it is really good to read your comment. I am a computer engineer who works at least 10 hours a day in front of a computer. I was very scared to do the operation. I did the laser instead of the lasic because my doctor said that my eyes are very dry. Here I am after 3 months doing great! So whenever you are ready, you can do it and you’ll be just fine! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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